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About Us

Carlie Ballard is a pioneering Australian fashion brand advocating for ethical and sustainable practices, and quality, independent design. 

Inspired by the beauty of artisan, handwoven textiles, Carlie Ballard designs a trans-seasonal collection with ease of wear and travel in mind.

Each garment is made using individually dyed yarns and traditional wooden hand looms powered by master artisans in Southern India. These are pieces to value, respect and connect with. The label is known for its bold prints and iconic ikat technique.

The transparency of the label runs through the garment manufacture from Fabric weaving to assemblage. By communicating the human touch in the supply chain, the designer wants the wearer to engage in the depth of beauty, workmanship and value each garment holds.

The Carlie Ballard muse is a dreamer, a make-believer, an adventurer forging her own path. She is confidant yet playful and a woman who never stops exploring. Her style is sophisticated yet eclectic and rich in visual stories. Her style is captivating, timeless and enviable.



Carlie is also a sustainable fashion advocate and a founding director of  Clean Cut Fashion, Australia's Ethical and Sustainable Fashion Association. The CCFA is the Australian fashion industry body addressing the future of fashion through sustainable and ethical practices.
Clean cut launched in 2014 at MBFWA Australia marking a historic shift in the Australian fashion landscape.
'I see sustainability as our avant-garde. It's another element that we can add to increase the value of our work. It's smart business.' Tiana Wallace, Stylist, Creative Director, Clean Cut advisory board member.
Carlie also co own's The Darley Store in Manly, Sydney. The store houses a careful selection of locally designed and made garments, jewellery and accessories as well as pieces sourced from our global village. Each piece championing the 'not charity just work' philosophy of combining ethics and sustainability with aesthetics.