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Introducing our new manufacturing partner, Women Fiber to Fashion - a social enterprise dedicated to empowering marginalized and oppressed women and girls across India. Founded by social worker Ravi Shankar Kumar and his lawyer wife Sudha Singh, Women Fiber to Fashion works with handloom weavers and informal sector embroidery artisans in Delhi to provide them with skill development and livelihood opportunities.

At Carlie Ballard, we are committed to working with manufacturers who share our values of sustainability and social responsibility, and Women Fiber to Fashion fits the bill perfectly. Additionally, their efforts to promote the development of social enterprises in the textile/fashion industry aligns with our goal of creating a more equitable and inclusive industry.

We are excited to partner with Women Fiber to Fashion for our upcoming collections and are proud to support their mission of enhancing the social and economic lives of women and girls in India. Together, we hope to create beautiful and sustainable clothing that makes a positive impact on the world.