We've created this graphic chart to help with explaining how things will be ordered in the new era of Carlie Ballard.

With our commitment to treading more lightly, we have decided to re-imagine our past season fabrics into new styles and some much loved pieces from past collections. Quilts are also on the way!!

At the end of each month we will go into production of the MADE TO ORDER'S received for that month, and dispatch them out to each of you as diligently as possible. We use DHL Express from India to ensure a timely delivery.

We're very passionate about making only what is ordered and loved by you.

No waste.

No Sales.

No guessing.

Let's do this!

Edition pieces
With this new approach to fashion we are also introducing 'Editions'. Each clothing release we will have a style that is numbered, just like an artwork. A special piece we choose, an elevated piece that has the written edition on the garment. These pieces will be chosen each collection and be in limited quantites compared to the other pieces available.
 Pieces with purity, authenticity, diligence, care and honesty is what the world needs more of. 
Imagine passing this down the generations, it's significance and value ever present on the label.