How it works below:
  1. I will design and make samples together with the hand weave artisans in India and our new conscious workshop in Southern India.
  2. Small capsule collections will be released online throughout the year for a short period of time for you to view and place your order. I will provide online walk through’s, question time and measurements to ensure you feel confident you have chosen the right size and style.
  3. Once your order is placed and paid for and the selling period (the launch collection will be 3 weeks) is finished we send all of your orders across to our workshop to make them especially for you in the size and colour way you have chosen.
  4. For the first collection launch we are saying 6-9 weeks delivery. This takes in the selling period aswell especially if you ordered at the beginning.


Edition pieces
With this new approach to fashion we are also introducing 'Editions'. Each clothing release we will have a style that is numbered, just like an artwork. A special piece we choose, an elevated piece that has the written edition on the garment. These pieces will be chosen each collection and be in limited quantites compared to the other pieces available.
 Pieces with purity, authenticity, diligence, care and honesty is what the world needs more of. 
Imagine passing this down the generations, it's significance and value ever present on the label.