Introducing BESPOKE, a project that allows minimal waste and maximum personalisation. We love designing, and we constantly consider the balance between timeless and relevance when we are creating final pieces for our collections.  So we feel thrilled to be able to open up our back catalogue of designs for you to shop BESPOKE. Did you love our Nomad skirt? Or was it our Sahara top? You can have it made in your size in the fabric of your choice from our available options. Just for you, BESPOKE. Ethically made by our social  enterprise workshop partner. We can even tell you who made the garment. 

Why we are offering this.

We order fabric in advance to ensure we meet the timelines of production. Handloom fabric takes 2-3 months to make depending on the design, so we need to often take a guess at which fabrics are going to be strong sellers. This often means we have left over fabric at the end of the season. Sometimes 5m, sometimes 50m! 

We often get you emailing us wondering if you can get something made to order! The answer is always yes! And I guess the best part about BESPOKE is you won't pay more for having something made just for you!

It's our way of;

  • Reducing wastage in the fashion industry
  • Offering you a BESPOKE service
  • Allowing you to express yourself through personal choice
  • Reacting to the increasing demand for a more personal fashion industry.

Currently this service is not available due to Covid - 19.

If you see something you like on our website, but would like it in a different fabric on our website or a size unavailable. Get in touch. We make sizes 6 - 16 to order, awell as a vast array of backlog styles. Email us at to place your order. XX