Mail Bags
We use Paperpak durable paper satchels. These can be recycled in your home recycling bin, composted or put in your worm farm. And they are made from sustainably managed forests. After much feedback and from our own experience we feel these are the best option at the moment to continue the circularity of the postage packaging. Please share your thoughts and ideas with us as we are always looking to improve.
As consumers we have become overwhelmed by packaging. It's lovely, I get it, but ultimately it needs to be thrown away or recycled at best. So we have decided to reduce reduce reduce the need for over packaging. The idea of sending in a lovely box sounds wonderful but for us this means more carbon, more recycling and more management at your end for it's end of life. So we hope our less is more approach to packaging is a refreshing new experience.
We wrap our garments in Ecocern brown paper which is 100% post consumer recycled paper collected from local households and industry. And they are 100% Australian owned. 
Included in our package is a postcard to keep as a mini artwork.
Garment Aftercare
This is an opportunity for you to reduce your garment's environmental footprint by following some simple steps. Over washing of garment's, or using dry cleaners can mean our garments can create a huge environmental footprint from laundering alone!
GINETEX, the international association for textile and garment care labels has released a trademarked symbol called 'Clevercare' which offers sustainable garment care information to reduce the impact of the laundering processes.
These are their 5 simple steps to clever and sustainable garment care:
1. Don't wash your clothes too often.
2. Lower the temperature when machine washing.
3. Think of reducing the amount you use a dryer.
4. Ironing only when necessary.
5. Use dry clean only when absolutely necessary.
You can read further about these steps at the Clevercare website.
We also encourage mending! We now include a swatch of fabric with each and every piece we send out. This is to keep for any mending your garment may need in the future. A tiny hole at the knee doesn't mean your garment needs to go to landfill. Mend it instead. We're currently working on some mini how to video's to help you mend your way to a sustainable and lasting wardrobe! We also include a spare button, because sometimes they do go missing!