No Black Friday here...

If you're inbox looks like mine right now you're probably feeling rather overwhelmed at the amount of BLACK FRIDAY sale emails screaming at you. I've even received text messages!

It's hard to escape the clutches of consumerism in our hyper connected world. With more brands and more products than ever before, it seems sale's are the only way to cut through to consumers.

It's no secret we're a small ethical brand advocating for slow, empowering fashion. And this season feel's a little slower than usual with production delays out of our control. If I was a corporation I would have outsourced my production to ensure timely delivery, losing insight into who was making the clothes, the conditions and the pay. But, alas, we just wouldn't consider this option. At the heart of what we do is ensuring the people that make our clothes are paid a fair wage, are nurtured in the workplace and have complete job security. This is unwavering.

Our business model isn't designed to go on sale. We don't produce high volume's requiring to clear stock. Yes, we have a sale section, it's very sparse in sizes and inevitable in the business of fashion to clear end of season pieces. 

We price our garments to ensure there is enough mark-up for our retailers and for us. This cover's shipping from India, the cost of producing the new pattern and grading (sizing each garment). We don't add in extra for marketing (Black Friday Sales). From inception we wanted to ensure creating artisanal, ethical garments remained within reach as best we could. Our garments are not something you binge on, wear once and lose at the bottom of your cupboard. They are pieces to value, cherish forever and tell the story of how they were created.

This email isn't to preach, it's to remind you that the Black Friday sales can become like a vortex of hype and intense consumerism.

Remember these few tips when you are shopping this weekend:

  • Make sure the pieces you buy are things you would buy even at full price.
  • Does the person I am buying it for need it?
  • Shop ethical brands this Black Friday if you are spending.
  • Remember you're not saving buying something you don't need.

For my children I'm sticking to this little rule which is super helpful, because I wish I could buy 'all the beautiful things' for them. But that's not doing them any good!

  • Something they need
  • Something they want
  • Something to read
  • Something to wear

With love and gratitude always,