Cochineal - Tablethrow


Our  tablethrow is both a tablecloth and a throw. A versatile piece of hand-loomed cloth to use both in and around the home and on outings to the beach and park.

I am forever throwing a beautiful piece of cloth over my table to amplify the space, bring in vibrancy and change the mood of a room. Likewise, laying down a beautiful throw in the park or the back garden to eat cheese and drink champagne makes the experience extra special

Made using our signature hand-loomed GOTS certified organic cotton and dyed using Oeko Tex Standard 100 dyes. Each tablethrow takes approximately 4 metres of fabric to achieve the width and length of it's dimensions.

A home collection honouring hand-loom cloth making techniques, made with purity, authenticity, diligence and honesty. 

The dimensions of the Tablethrow are:

150cm wide

240cm long

Each throw comes in it's own drawstring duster bag made using the same Cochineal Ikat.

This size is designed to fit a 4-6 seater rectangle table. For round tables it will just hang differently to a circular tablecloth. There is just the one size for now. We are open to alternate sizes as we see demand. We suggest measuring your table to be sure it's the right fit.

Please note:  The most accurate colour of the cochineal tablethrow is the last 2 images.

A piece to care for, to mend and to pass down to future generations.

We deliver every new purchase with a square of the same fabric to ensure future mending is possible. This is by no way a reflection of the quality of the fabric, this is to ensure that after years of love and use you can still mend the tablethrow to live it's best life for longer.

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