Quilted Pillowcase - Cochineal Ikat


This is a matching pillowcase to go with our bed quilts. Each pillowcase has an invisible zip closure. 

Produced with our new workshop in Delhi, Women Fibre 2 Fashion. A social Enterprise specifically created to assist girls and women coming out of human trafficking. Offering them skills and workplace experience to empower their decisions and capabilities for a brighter future.

Made using our GOTS certified Organic cotton cochineal ikat handloom fabric. Loomed by our weavers in Telangana, Hyderabad.

As with all our new pieces, it comes with our special label for you to document your name and date of ownership. If you choose to pass it on, the history of each owner is etched in the fibres of the quilt. 

We ship to you -  1 x pillowcase.

If you have any questions I haven't addressed here please reach out to me at carlie@carlieballard.com




Length - 70cm

Width - 46cm


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