Vadha doll #7


Introducing The Vadha dolls or 'dhinglis' as they are called in India. Sourced by our friend and long time co-creator of Indian textiles Carole Douglas. Carole has been visiting this community for over 25 years. The only way to source the dolls is through a visit to this village. They don't ship them, mass produce them or take orders, it's very much a 'if you know you know' situation. We're grateful to Carole for carrying them across the country and back to Australia for us to share with you.

The Vadha are a small community in Kachchh, NW India that once supplied foot turned wooden lacquer items to the local herders.

When plastic and metal replaced the need for their wares the men lost both livelihood and dignity. The changing nature of handmade wares is an all too common story for the villages of India.

Today the community suffers the socio-economic challenges associated with poverty and struggles to survive.

The women however are enterprising and create spontaneous ‘dhinglis’ from found and donated waste materials. The scrap brocade and vintage sari fabrics used are a feast for the sense.

Carole is hosting a textile trip to India in March 2024. All the details of her completely inclusive trip are an email away at the link here. Including a trip to The Vadha!


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