The Face of Carlie Ballard 2014

When I chose Olivia Pranic to be the face of my first trans seasonal collection I chose her because of her striking/different presence. She knew how to laugh at the casting which won me over straight away. I wanted to rebel against all of the lookbooks that I had viewed over the years where the models seem extremely unhappy to be wearing the clothes. No expression, sad and way too serious! Olivia hadn't been asked to smile and laugh in a shoot. When she told me this I jumped for joy! I knew I was on the right track.

Our shoot was created at Studio 1a in Marrickville between the studio white backdrop and the old world goods lift that was both practical and the perfect setting for an adventure background for the collection. We thought we were somewhere in stifling hot Delhi!

Completing the shoot felt like such an achievement and celebration of everyone who had worked on the label to get it to this point. A designer is only as good as their team and I feel very blessed to have a talented and dedicated team over in India. They are the true beauty behind Carlie Ballard. Their skills shine through in each piece. X