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Weekly Visual Diary


Tonight we ate.....

Zucchini pasta with tomato and pesto bolognese. Pru and Cara you have almost converted me to vegetarian!


What's on the top of our DIY list......

Handmade macrame. I can totally see this hanging on my wall next to my draped ikat scarf.


In our fashion thoughts....

One of the only things I enjoy about winter is a good coat and this one is screaming classic, elegant, non chalance. Ok, maybe toasting marshmallows is a pretty cool winter treat too! I remember growing up I would do this in our living room open fire place. Who said you needed a tent to toast marshmallows!


Long live the bookshop...

If I can't be found at my desk, on my bike or in the kitchen then there's a good chance I could be hanging at the local book shop. They are few and far between now and this one in Boston is on my bucket list.