VOGUE March Issue...

It's a sweet thing when your vision becomes a reality. When projects you see in your dreams start actually happening IRL. Back in 2014 when a brave bunch of us launched the first Sustainable Fashion runway at MBFWA under the Clean Cut organisation we had created, we had a vision to educate the mainstream fashion industry about ethics in fashion. About sustainable and transparent practices and to disprove the hessian sack stigma for good! We had fashion elite come to our location show, including Vogue editors, channel 10 reporters, alternative fashion mags, and international fashion bloggers. It was humbling, rewarding and to be honest, astounding we actually pulled off such a show!

I was elated to hear today that the March edition of Vogue Australia is quite beautifully dedicated to tilting how the industry operates, thinks and reacts to the monster the fashion industry has become. It isn't all negative though, in the years since brands have started to react to fast fashion, unsustainable practices and slave labour, there have been a collaborative group of likeminded creatives paving the way with their vision for a truly inspiring and BETTER fashion industry.

It is a beautiful thing to see Emma Watson on the cover of the March issue and I am beyond excited to pull open the pages and enjoy, with a lovely glass of organic red, her guest editor edition of Vogue.

Issue available Monday 26 February.

You can read a snippet and see some sneak peek images of the shoot here.