We need your input! And a workshop staff update you're going to love.

As summer edges closer and closer you have all been asking when we are launching our new collection. With the transition between workshops, things have taken a little longer than hoped. We are in the throws of sampling with our new workshop at the moment and hope to have a few pieces to release before christmas.

However we do need your help!

We are changing up our business model. We believe the old fashion system based on countless collection releases is tired and is not keeping up with the need for a slower, more sustainable and meaningful fashion system and planet. I bet you have been into a shop or opened up your laptop to shop online and become so overwhelmed with choice that you don't choose anything! We are so over stimulated with choice it has become debilitating. The statistics of fashion going into landfill are well documented, but Australia ranks 2nd in the world for textile disposal. We consume on average 27kg per year and dispose of 23kg either to landfill or second hand stores.

Basically we need to buy pieces we value, pieces we have created a connection with. I know I don't need to explain this to you guys, you've got it covered. Those of you who have a Carlie Ballard piece in your wardrobe know the narrative of empowerment, pride and artistic heritage that goes into creating that one very special piece. Now we want to take that a step further. We are changing our business model to made to order. Or as we like to call it, BESPOKE. This means we create the samples and you buy from those samples, in your size and choice of fabric. They will be small collections, based on our existing styles with some modifications and a few new pieces as we see needed. We want to make fashion as you need it. Made with intent, purpose and always integrity. 

Our new workshop has been carefully chosen to ensure they meet these high standards and I am so excited to share more about them in the coming months with you.

For now, please click the link below to help me understand which styles you want to see developed. What pieces do you live in, dance in, relax in and would love to see included in our BESPOKE collection?

Click here to email us your favourite pieces to include in our BESPOKE collections.

Lucknow Workshop update

The Lucknow workshop has now closed and I wanted to share with you an update on the staff and their employment. Firstly though, I wanted to share with you a few images from the beautiful thank you and farewell party the staff held for Pragya, the workshop manager. And below her words describing what the girls did for her on the last day of the workshop.

"The girls gave me a surprise farewell party after 13 years of being open today - dressed in their best - make-up, hair done. The entrance was strewn with petals, streamers, balloons and confetti! And they performed a fashion show!" Pragya shared.

Over the weekend I was updated on each of the staff and their employment. We're so happy that most staff have been placed in new employment. Masterji (the talented man who made all our patterns and samples) found another job locally. Three of the girls Gudiya, Nafisa and Naghma have started new jobs with a new sewing unit a couple of blocks from the workshop that Pragya found for them from her network. Satender, the other tailor who made many of the styles you wear has had two job offers but has decided not to take them. So we can only assume he is in a position to wait for the right offer. Ritika has applied for a traineeship at a bank and is awaiting the outcome and lastly Rubina is still looking with Pragya helping her find something suitable.

This news is certainly brighter than we first expected given the economic climate In India and globally.

They call you all their angels for helping them financially through the transition.

Big Love,